Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Peddling Moonshine in Manhattan 

New York City is the place he ought to be so he loaded up the truck and became a FOXNewzi:
Sellout Zell, a Friend of Appalachia No More - By Chris Pepus

In January, Sen. Zell Miller ends a political career in which the one constant was his claim to be a champion of his native Appalachia. Miller was quick to criticize stereotypes of "hillbillies" and "white trash," and he would probably like to be remembered for pioneering the Hope Scholarship program while governor of Georgia. But his tenure in the US Senate overshadowed everything else he did and proved that he was only interested in helping the poor of Appalachia when it was politically advantageous.


... mostly, Miller used his Appalachian background as a prop to help sell George Bush Jr.'s aristocratic agenda to prime-time TV audiences. By the end of his career, Miller had become the southern accent of Wall Street and Harvard Business School.

more on this squirrelly idiot's past schenanigans via Progressive Populist


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