Tuesday, December 14, 2004

On the Shoulders of Giants 

Happy Birthday, Daniel De Leon.

With the reactionary and therefore conservative ballot of the capitalist parties, backed by their guns, the oppressing class seeks to conserve its usurped position and continue to enjoy its stolen goods. Biography of Daniel De Leon

Now, remember that quote. A Native friend stopped by this morning to buy some chickens and we ended up drinking coffee and talking, and the conversation came around to this history class he’d taken at the tribal college and the text for the class had a chronological history of events in Native history, and he said he read it every day to see what had happened. He mentioned that his book said that on this day in 1763 was the Conestoga Massacre. He told me what he remembered, and so this led me to the history books at the library, where I had to go to return some books, anyway. And he was right. I paraphrase from several accounts:

A group of men from Paxton Township (Pennsylvania) wanted to destroy the entire tribe of Conestoga Indians, a relatively peaceful tribe who had had good relations with the settlers. On December 14, 1763 the “Paxton Boys” attacked the Conestogas. Only 14 Native American men, women, and children survived. For their own protection, the remaining Conestogas were kept at the Water Street jail in Lancaster. They safely remained there for two weeks. Then on December 27 the murderers came back to town, broke into the jail, and slaughtered the remaining 14 survivors. These were the last of their tribe. After this the “boys” marched on Philadelphia. They were persuaded to return to their homes by a group headed by Benjamin Franklin, who promised the Assembly would authorize paying bounties for Indian scalps.

This foul taste of history led me to a chronological history of socialism, where I found out it was Daniel De Leon’s birthday. And his quote jibed with the account of the slaughter of the Conestogas so well, I just had to post them together.

Now, on to iWaq to continue to enjoy god’s promise of prosperity to his chosen; that is, stolen goods.

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