Thursday, December 30, 2004

MSNBC - We'll even exploit "miracles" to stay on the air! 

The wowsers at MSNBC are handing out miracles willy-nilly this morning. The miracle baby, the miracle child, the miracle puppy (oh, there must be a miracle puppy!) - this miracle and that miracle. So many miracles not enough dewy-eyed MSNBC TV-media drips to announce the miracles. Why it's all just one big festival of miracles at MSNBC this morn. Of course they don't like to characterize the 84,000 (one third of the victims children) dead people as anti-miracles, but, well, ya know, fuck off will ya...we're MSNBC and we have miracles to report. Of course a floating mattress has nothing to do with the less than miraculous buoyancy of an actual physical object like a mattress or anything like that - so again, fuck off, miracles - miracles - miracles!

Keep it dumb, keep it simple, keep it boing-eyed miraculous! Thats MSNBC. Its a miracle anyone watches it.

You can send your earthly dollars to help victims of nature's powerful comings and goings in Indonesia by visiting Loaded Mouth and taking The Tsunami Blogger Challenge.

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