Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Lizzie "Girl Reporter" Bumiller holds Bush accountable for something! 

And how often does that happen, eh? (Sure, I know it's the Times, but there's such a horrid fascination to this train wreck of a story I can't help looking at it....)

The story of Mr. Kerik's nomination is one of how a normally careful White House faltered because of Mr. Bush's personal enthusiasm for Mr. Kerik, a desire by the administration to quickly fill a critical national security job and an apparent lack of candor from Mr. Kerik himself.
(via the sadly-sadly-dimished New York Times)

Lizzie even writes about the beauty part:

[Kerik's] use of an apartment, donated as a resting spot for police officers at ground zero, where he conducted an affair with [wingerly] book publisher [Judith Regan, 51], according to someone who discussed the relationship with him..

Well, I'd say Kerik was using the apartment as a "resting spot," wouldn't you? What's the issue here? Be reasonable, people! Hey, maybe he was giving her Bible lessons!

And now we come to Department of [cough] Justice nominee, Alberto "Der Fluffmeister" Gonzales:

Mr. Gonzales, who is himself in the middle of a background review as Mr. Bush's nominee for attorney general, spent hours grilling Mr. Kerik, the official said.

Some grilling! Gonzales managed to miss the mob ties, the illegitimate child with the abandoned wife, the outstanding arrest warrant, the conflicts of interest, the quick exit from Iraq... Literally everything, and all material easily available to even our lazy press corps.

Of course, we know that Gonzales is notoriously, indeed lethally, careless (Death Penalty Memos). His only redeeming characteristic is his "loyalty" to Bush (i.e., he's a total suck-up and a yes man).

In fact, you really get the impression that Bush is the kind of boss you can't tell bad news to—because he's vicious, retaliates, won't listen, etc. Far worse than anything in Dilbert:

Throughout the process, the Republican close to the administration said, everyone at the White House knew that Mr. Bush liked Mr. Kerik, placing him in the special category of "this guy's our guy." Mr. Bush admired Mr. Kerik for his service as New York City's police commissioner on Sept. 11, 2001, for his willingness to try to train the police force in Iraq and for campaigning tirelessly for the president's re-election.

Yep, "this guy's our guy." And you can see, with Bush whoring and shilling 9/11 every chance that he got, why a guy who used an apartment donated to the 9/11 first responders for a fuck pad would fit right in!

Unbelievable? All too believable.

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