Thursday, December 23, 2004

Inverted 'W's and strange shadows on the face of the Moon 

When will the wowsers at Time Warner/CNN and GE/MSNBC and elsewhere begin hyperventilating and fainting all over themselves about Our Dear Leader Commander Costume's family support for a messianic quack who insists upon removing a mainstay of Christian symbolism from our collective American doma pastoralis? Huh?

Where's all self righteous "Christian" OUTRAGE! - OH, THE OUTRAGE! - over that?

When will the likes of cheery "Dueling Ban-Joe" Scarborough or Pat "Franco Way" Buchanan or that bloodless falangist sluice carp William Donohue work themselves into a frothy televised dither over Lord Moonie's fierce purge of the Christian rood? Well?

None-time too soon I suspect.

Not with all them roving bands of heathen Debil' saluting libril' Christ-haters uprooting blowmolded platic statues of the Mother Mary and her half buried orchestral bathtub and spiriting them both off to some peaty morass filled with pantheistic toadstool worshipers.

Ooo, it's all that Michael Moore guys fault! Oh yes, by the way, The Great Atheist Nativity Abduction Scare of 2004 continues following this brief commercial message. Stay tuned to CNN and MSNBC and FOXNoise for the latest breaking "news"....and burble burble burble....

Odd, isn't it? John Gorenfeld has more on the Moonie's - and their fellow true-travelers - obsession with removing Christian crosses from churches. Read here via: Gadflyer.

And this isn't just one more kooky religious nut story either. This ain't the same thing as Billy James Hargis boffing the bride and groom in the back of a Coupe DeVille, or whatever, following the cake eating ceremony. That's real traditional 'Murican religious service at it's honky tonkin' best. This cross begone thing is something else entirely and I've never actually been entirely sure what to make of it all. Except to surmise that it fits the pattern of ongoing Unification Church attempts to help fortify support for some kind of hybrid American "Reich Church" exemplar initiated under the leadership of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his flock of radical theo-fascist clerical crazies. Steal the symbol - steal the flag - become king of the shiny city on the hill? Or something to that effect?

Listen to this eerie exchange:
In Monday's video, Bush declared: "I want to salute a man I respect: Wes Pruden," referring to the Times editor, whose paper frequently publicizes Moon projects that most newspapers would ignore. On December 7 he ran a piece by ACLC Rev. Donnie McLeod, who has argued for the removal of the cross in sermons covered by Unification Church publications.

The cross-disposal theologian wrote: "as the president is now free from the election concerns and can never be reelected, he can now build a legacy for America and the world." ACLC leaders, he said, "are ready to see the president as I see him, a man to God who is truly ready to make the sacrifices and commitments to create a legacy of faith and family that will guide our nation for the next 200 years." [Via John Gorenfeld - link above]

Two hundred years huh? I'm assuming they don't expect Commander Skybox Pilot to outlast the twenty second century and therefore have some kind of long term plan for the future of the Republic? Perhaps there is some operational potting shed somewhere full of a thousand little true-fuhrers waiting to bloom in the full glory of the messianic Moonlight?

And perhaps the Rev. Moon knows where the Bush family fetchlings have buried all the bones. I suspect so. I suspect they can identify each and every skull fragment as well. Since I suspect they helped pay to have them dug under. And the Bush klan knows it too.

Moon played an integral role in financing openly resurgent fascist networks in Latin America during the Reagan/Bush sponsored bloodletting, coke smuggling, gun running, and nun raping years... WACL for one, CAUSA...etc. Refresh your memory via Consortium News and Robert Parry's extensive online vault of investigative reporting on the Bush family Moonie relationship.

Remember Carlton Sherwood? The guy who produced the anti-Kerry hit-flick "Stolen Honor," during the last election? [See backstory: "Veteran files suit against producer of anti-Kerry film", via Sid the Fish.

Well, Carlton also penned a nifty book (published in the 1980's) portraying the poor put-upon "True Parent" as the victim of an inquisitional federal witchhunt and investigation into his "illicit financial operations." Cute ain't it, considering the Unification Church, and Christian Right wingeroo, historical fondness for the latest trends in inquisitional pogrom manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

And one can't forget John Kerry's role in congressional investigations into the Contra Cocaine connections.... Apparently that didn't sit well with Carlton Sherwood and the greater circle of heaven sent Maji he moved within. For much much more on Sherwood - Rev. Moon connection etc...see: Kerry Attacker Protected Rev. Moon, By Robert Parry - October 15, 2004.

You won't hear about any of this from the TV "news" media Beltway cocktail party eunuchs or those vacuous cosmetic counter lipstick peddlers in Atlanta so follow along with Parry and John Gorenfeld on this topic.

Again, I'm not sure what the deal is with the cross eradication project unless perhaps it involves replacing those crosses with giant 'W's. Or inverted 'W's. If ya know what I'm sayin'.

On and on it goes. Best keep a telescope aimed at the Moon at all times.

John Gorenfeld's blog: I Approve This Messiah


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