Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Elephant on the Balcony 

Just when you get used, almost, to the breathtaking gall with which the BushCoInc cabal lies, cheats, steals and kills its way around the world, they manage to stun you yet again with the level of pettiness to which they can sink in their determination to rub everyone's nose in the fact that no matter how much we loathe them, they won, they won, they won and don't you for a moment forget it.

This wasn't even some insiders-only Republican event either--it was the annual White House "party" for the print media. Broadcast media, it seems, has a separate (but no doubt equal) gathering so they do not have to soil themselves by breathing ink-stained air:

(via Chicago Trib)
To remind people of the reason for the season, as ministers say, there's the large 18th Century creche in the East Room that's trundled out of White House storage every year, despite risks that someone could file a church-state constitutional challenge.

In the State Dining Room, there's a model of the White House done in gingerbread and chocolate. It's an incredible (and edible) piece of confectionary art, with arresting details, including holiday carolers fashioned from marzipan and a miniature elephant, symbol of Republican triumphalism this year, cavorting on the Truman Balcony.

Nowhere in the scene is there a donkey, the symbol of Democrats. That suggests all you need to know about where bipartisanship stands in the nation's capital these days.

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