Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Calling Bullshit on "The Social Security Crisis" 

A superb analysis--NOT an op-ed or opinion piece, just actual, factual analysis, with real numbers, in terms anybody can understand--about how the current hysteria over "the looming Social Security crisis" is the biggest bunch of hoo-haw since, oh gee, maybe the hysteria about "the looming crisis of Sadaam Hussein" and how Iraq was going to use their Gliders of Mass Destruction to wipe out YOUR neighborhood any day now.

(via LATimes)
Even before settling on a proposal to privatize part of Social Security, President Bush is mounting an aggressive campaign to convince the public of something that many Democrats and economists say is mistaken: that the massive government retirement system is hurtling toward disaster.

Three times in the past week, Bush has created or used public relations events to promote his view that Social Security is facing a dire financial threat and needs major repairs. Most recently, Bush said in his Saturday radio address that "the system is headed towards bankruptcy down the road. If we do not act soon, Social Security will not be there for our children and grandchildren."

The issue will also be central to a White House conference scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday meant to draw attention to Bush's economic agenda for the next four years.
Having lavished this story with praise I now have to find fault with one thing: they left the whole point, the motivation for this latest batch o' lies, to the very last graf:

Said Grover Norquist, president of the conservative advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform: "Social Security should be reformed not because the system is going broke but because it's a lousy program."
There, you have it. The hysteria IS a lie, the program is NOT going broke, the Thugs hate it because it's a government program that works and helps average, not-rich people. Repeat this to everybody you see. Don't let the lie take hold this time.

Hey, the letters-to-the-editor editor at the local paper misses you, (s)he really does. You two were so close once, then suddenly you never write any more. Now is the time to get back in touch. This relationship can be saved.

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