Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bush press conference: Froomkin's "of course" tell still works! 

Remember (back here) how Froomkin found the Bush "tell"—the words "of course"—that shows He's lying? Well, Bush managed to suppress that tendency during the campaign right after Froomkin posted the article, but now He's relaxed and doing it again:

[BUSH] I'll be talking about the budget, of course; there is a lot of concern in the financial markets about our deficits, short-term and long-term deficits. The long-term deficit, of course, is caused by some of the entitlement programs, the unfunded liabilities inherent in our entitlement programs.
(via White House transcript)

And, bien sur, the tax cuts for the superrich had nothing, but nothing, to do with anything.

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