Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Accounting for Murder and Torture 

Abhinav Aima slaps around those who deserve it…

…As this nation’s newspapers salivate over the possible trial of Pinochet over Operation Condor, no American newspaper listed in the Lexis-Nexis archives has yet published a story this past month that even dares to put the name Nixon in the same story as Pinochet. None. In the last 30 days!

…Why are most American-sponsored foreign leaders usually former salesmen for gas, oil, weapons, drugs or any other commodity thereof? Don’t rely on the Times or the Post to tell you. Not when it was the anti-Sandanista Contras, and certainly not when it is the anti-Taliban Afghans.

Killing Us Softly: The Cowardice of the Mainstream Press in the Face of American Wars

When (if) Pinochet goes on trial, will he rat anybody out? How about when (if) Saddam goes on trial?

For those who don’t remember Pinochet and Nixon’s love affair, try Chile Documentation Project where you will find such things as this:

FBI documents on Operation Condor--the state-sponsored terrorism of the Chilean secret police, DINA. The documents, including summaries of prison letters written by DINA agent Michael Townley, provide evidence on the carbombing assassination of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt in Washington D.C., and the murder of Chilean General Carlos Prats and his wife in Buenos Aires, among other operations.

These documents, and many thousands of other CIA, NSC, and Defense Department records that are still classified secret, remain relevant to ongoing human rights investigations in Chile, Spain and other countries, and unresolved acts of international terrorism conducted by the Chilean secret police. Eventually, international pressure, and concerted use of the U.S. laws on declassification will force more of the still-buried record into the public domain--providing evidence for future judicial, and historical accountability.

Accountability? Is that possible? With our press? If so, how long will it take to hold Bushco accountable? Another 30 years?

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