Sunday, November 21, 2004

War is All Hell 

That's the actual quote from Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, usually presented in somewhat abbreviated form as "War is hell."

Juan Cole's post for today is getting attention here and there for its first paragraph:

Rod Nordland and Babak Dehghanpisheh of Newsweek believe that the US military simply cannot win hearts and minds in Iraq. That's a pretty safe conclusion by now. Quite the opposite, it seems clear that more and more Iraqis simply hate the Americans, and especially American troops.
More noteworthy is the next graf, which expresses something I've been trying to verbalize and now don't have to, because he said it better:

I personally agree that there may have been extenuating circumstances regarding the shooting of a wounded Iraqi guerrilla in a mosque by a marine (wounded guerrillas often lure US troops close and then blow them up).

But most people aren't good at seeing both sides of the story. If guerrillas had stacked four wounded American Marines up somewhere, and then a second set of guerrillas came in, and a guerrilla shot one of the unarmed, wounded Marines in the head on camera, I guarantee you no one in the American media would be talking about extenuating circumstances. This act would be seen as cowardly and perfidious, with no need for further investigation.

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