Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It couldn't happen to a nicer Poodle 

It seems that in the UK they still have a government that actually functions on Constitutional principles:

A Commons motion to impeach Tony Blair for "gross misconduct" over the Iraq war is being published next week.

Parliamentary officials have approved the motion's wording and will allow it to be tabled on Wednesday - the day after the Queen's Speech.

MPs will have the chance to sign the order paper. The Speaker will then decide whether to allow a debate on it.

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price said 30 MPs have agreed to sign the motion which charges Mr Blair with improper conduct.

The allegation against the prime minister would be that in making the case against Iraq he was guilty of a serious breach of constitutional principles.

Mr Price said that the impeachment process had now been established as part of British Parliamentary practice.

It closed a "gap in the constitution" which had meant that while the prime minister had to hold his ministers to account, there was nothing to hold the prime minister to account if he were to mislead Parliament.
(via BBC)

Wow, what's the Blair impeachment about? A blowjob?

Oh, no, nothing like that. They're accusing Blair telling lies to take his country into a war.

[Yawn] So what's your point?

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