Saturday, November 27, 2004

Feeling Safer Yet? III: Tryout in the Sticks 

Back in the day, a theatrical producer who had a new playwright, or a show he wasn't sure would be a hit, would put everybody on the train to some little town and put the show on there, avoiding the expense and embarassment of a flop on Broadway. This was known as giving the concept "a tryout in the sticks."

(via NYT)
Invoking a global threat of terrorism, the British government announced plans on Tuesday to introduce national identity cards for the first time since the World War II era. An opposition legislator said the government wanted to create a "climate of fear" in advance of elections expected next year.

Speaking later, Prime Minister Tony Blair said, "With terrorism, illegal immigration and organized crime operating with so much greater sophistication, identity cards in my judgment are long overdue."

But opposition Conservatives and Liberal Democrats assailed the plan as an effort to raise levels of fear in Britain in the hope of winning votes in elections that could be held next May.

The government announced other security-related moves on Tuesday, including proposals for new counterterrorism legislation and for a new police unit akin to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Britain ceased issuing national identity documents to its citizens 52 years ago.

Identity cards are commonplace in many parts of Continental Europe. But in Britain, opponents argue that their use will infringe on civil rights because they will be accompanied by a national database. The cards are expected to include names, addresses and so-called biometrics, like computerized fingerprint records.

Previously announced plans called for the introduction of identity cards around 2008, when Britons applying for a new passport would be required to obtain an identity card at the same time. The government wants to make the cards compulsory at a later date.
I want desperately for BushCo to follow PM Poodle's lead on this ASAP. This will make the fundie's heads absolutely explode as it is clearly the Mark of the Beast.

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