Tuesday, September 28, 2004


This sounds like a little tiny scam operation, but if it's happening in Minne-goddam-Sota it can happen anyplace. Considering that most of us have to call ten people to get one human who isn't screening calls or using a machine, these scammers are deplorably dedicated.

(via Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
A phony voter registration drive in which a telephone caller seeks Social Security numbers and other personal information is part of an apparent identity theft scam, the League of Woman Voters and the Minnesota Secretary of State's office warned on Monday.

Over the weekend, reports came in from the Moorhead, Minn., area about calls being placed from people identifying themselves as being from the League, or from an unknown organization called "Women's Right to Vote." Other calls may have been placed in Rice and Isanti counties.

The targets of the calls were told they were not registered to vote and that they could ensure registration by supplying their Social Security numbers and other personal information.

Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer's office said anyone seeking to register to vote must complete a form with a signature and no one can do that for anyone over the phone.
Although it might be worth pointing out that one of the lines on the Loyalty Oath form that has to be filled in to get into BushCo rallies is....one's Social Security number. If any infiltrators find themselves in this position, I suggest using the number "911-43-1984"

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