Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Poll News You Can Use, Maybe... 

A Reuters/Decision Quest poll shows that things are more interesting than Gallup would have us believe. The way I see it, this is news we can use in getting out the vote. Cynics just have to get a shot of hope, and the good guys’ target audience is clear. Find these gummint-distrusting, authority-hating, disenfranchised-feeling people and get 'em registered and to the polls! I mean, hey, I'm gummint-distrusting, authority-hating, disenfranchised-feeling myself, so I can actually talk to these Americans!


The nationwide telephone survey of 1,100 adults found 61 percent of Americans had lost faith in leaders and institutions over the past four years. "A significant proportion of people feel disenfranchised," said DecisionQuest Chief Executive Philip Anthony. "It seems that there is an epidemic level of loss of trust here."

No! It can't be!

The study showed politicians received "C" grades on a scale of A-plus, meaning totally trustworthy, to F, meaning totally untrustworthy. President Bush and Democratic candidate Sen. John Kerry…both received C grades.


Bush's score resulted from more polarized rankings, with those viewing him as totally trustworthy balanced by others with a diametrically opposing view. Kerry's rankings were more uniformly average.

Yet more evidence of mind control in the Bushco camp? Nothing about blogs, but…

Newspaper and television reporters received a "C" grade for trustworthiness. TV reporters are trusted less now than four years ago by 43.8 percent of Americans, while 39.4 percent said their trust in print reporters had eroded.


A number of major U.S. journalism outlets, including CBS, The New York Times, USA Today and CNN, have been tainted in recent years by flawed and false reporting.

Cause and effect?

When asked about specific factors causing an overall loss of trust, 34.5 percent cited the war in Iraq. The 2000 election controversy in Florida came in second with 16 percent. Other reasons included white-collar crime scandals with 14.4 percent and terrorism with 11.5 percent.

My, my…bad news for aWol…

The poll showed more women, 66 percent, had lost confidence in leaders and institutions, than men, at 55 percent.

Is this evidence that women are smarter than men?

People's views were divided along political and racial lines. Seventy-eight percent of Democrats reported a drop in trust, compared with 39 percent of Republicans. Among blacks, 84 percent said their trust had declined, compared with 57 percent of whites.

Those GOPers—such a trusting lot. And, gee, I wonder why black folks are less trusting of the system? What could have caused that? Wonder how American Muslims score here?

"This lack of trust is manifesting itself in jury verdicts," Anthony said, referring to Americans' growing suspicion of authority.

Now, why would the American people, especially non-whites, be suspicious of authority? If only we can get the right people in the dock answering charges, that trend could change…

(via Poll Shows U.S. Distrust of Politicians 'Epidemic')

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