Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hope in Scary Times 

Ran across some Bush campaigners yesterday. First bunch I've seen on the stump. They’re out there, and they’re scary. Almost like cyborgs, relentlessly chanting the mantra of Strong Leadership, Moral Values, and Strong Economy, as if saying it makes it true. Come on, you’ve seen them; they’re fully assimilated, swaying to the vibes of the Central Rove… they want you to believe that resistance is futile.

Scary. So what are the good guys doing to ward off the attack of the Bush hive, to stop them from assimilating more impressionable minds?

Michael Moore is kicking ass, and what he says resonates with me. He says: “I'm putting out the red alert call to slackers everywhere to help me lead this revolt. I want everyone in their teens and twenties who exist from one packet of Ramen noodles to the next bag of Tostitos to take your fully-justified cynicism and toss it like a Molotov right into the middle of this election. As ‘non-voters’ you have been written off. But if only a few thousand of you vote, it could make all the difference. You literally hold all the power in your hands. That's even cooler than holding a TV remote.” (via http://www.michaelmoore.com/)

Sure, Moore’s got money and time, and most of us poor slobs don’t. But there’s something everybody can do to get out the vote. I mean the vote of most Americans—the burned out majority. There aren’t that many of these borgs among us; the SCLM just makes this election seem close. Time is short. Do you know when registration ends in your state? What’s the deadline for absentee voting? Visited any college campuses lately with compelling literature? Visited any malls or parks? Volunteered to be a pollwatcher? (I did that once; it was fun.) Have you talked to anyone at your local Dem HQ about volunteering to make phone calls, help with mailings, knocking on doors? If you’re not a joiner, at least pick up some literature and visit the parks and hangouts. Mention the looming specter of fascism to appropriate audiences.

A few tips:

There is no point in talking to someone who says they can’t vote for Kerry because he’s immoral and unchristian and approves of gay marriage and abortion. Run, don’t walk, away from this person. The look in their eyes will tell you they’re already assimilated into the hive. They will murmur things like “Strong Leadership, Moral Values, and Strong Economy, must vote for Beloved Leader.” No discussion.

Your best bet is twofold: (1) getting Dems, Greens and independents who are already registered to the polls on e-day or making sure they have absentee ballot requests turned in by deadline, and (2) distribute Libertarian Party literature to Republicans, especially 2nd Amendment enthusiasts. (I dropped a load off at the local VFW—you can get it for free at their website.)

It’s still not too late to register unregistered folks, especially young folks, but time is short.

And if the Bush borgs get another four years—either by hook or by crook—how many more will be assimilated?

What’s everybody else doing to get out the vote? Can we share stories so we don’t feel like we’re fighting this alone? Isn’t that the beauty and power of blogs—to make connections and know that, hey, I’m not the only one?

(Disclaimer: This is my first try at this; I'm not much of a techie. Sorry.)

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