Friday, August 20, 2004

Why do the Bushes fight dirty? Because it works for them! 

Sure, they spend a ton of money:

THE HOLY CITY OF CRAWFORD, Texas - President Bush's campaign spent $45.8 million in July, the bulk of it on advertising, but he still had about $32.5 million left to spend before he accepts his party's nomination next month, according to a filing released Friday.
(via WaPo)

But they got their money's worth:

The White House refused to condemn the Swift Boat Veterans, but says the President will not raise questions about John Kerry's military service.

The swift boat ads have apparently had an impact on veterans. A few weeks ago, the two candidates were tied in the polls among veterans.

But now, a new CBS poll shows 55 percent of veterans support President Bush, and only 37 percent back Kerry.
(via "C"BN)

So let's hope Kerry can get those guys back. They deserve better than Bush.

Lovely to see the "Christian" Broadcasting Corporation rolling around in the slime and the smears. WWJD? "The end justifies the means," right? Especially for a vicious, cornered rat...

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