Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Okay, This is Just Cruel 

We get this by way of our half-siblings* over at First Draft

Meanwhile, the Wichita [Kansas] City Council has come up with a plan sure to earn them Lynne's undying appreciation

Ozone, produced by zapping oxygen with electricity, will be pumped into the water taken out of Cheney to remove impurities and eliminate most odors.
*This was a little before my time, but as I understand it, the original Corrente Four got their start filling in for Atrios back last summer. So this summer when the esteemed Dr. Black went off to the Fortress of Solitude he got a different Gang of Four to sub for him, after which they went off to start their own site too. That makes First Draft at least a half-sibling of Corrente with the same sire but no dam. Take this as a lesson in the unreliability of cloning but hey, they're still family.

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