Monday, August 16, 2004

Make your own postage stamps! 

I kid you not!

And of course, my candidate for the artwork on your stamp...

Heck, I just needed an excuse to post that picture again. Along with my entirely arbitrary picks for the caption:

5. Ribbed for my pleasure. MINE!MINE!MINE! (alert reader Bigfoot)

4. You motherf***ing a**holes get me some decent f***ing corn for this go**am motherf***ing photo-op, or I'll get somebody who can! (Phil K)

3. Senator Santorum? I believe this belongs to you... (bob)

2. It's grinnin' at me, Maw! (tsm_sf)

and [drumroll, please]

1. I am the great Cornholio! (tsm_sf)

[Rim shot. "Thanks, you've been a great audience!"]

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