Thursday, August 19, 2004

Go Get Beastly 

Anyone not a regular reader of The Daily Beast should mend their ways forthwith 'cuz you're missing a treat. This particular link notes a particularly feeble attempt to shore up Dear Leader's creds in the field of military heroism, the success of which you can guess from the fact that you haven't heard it trumpeted outside of Beaverton:

From one of Great Leader's deeply trustworthy Q&A sessions:

Q 33 years ago I was working with the Texas Air National Guard.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, fantastic.

Q From October of '71 to May of '72, you and I knew each other. So you were there.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. (Applause.) Good to see you again. (Laughter.) Yes, sir. Thanks for your service, Sergeant. (08/13/04, Beaverton)

Faaabulous -- author! author! Clearly this is a pathetic attempt to imply Bush wasn't AWOL, but his Texas service between October '71 and May '72 (during which he logged 22 days of activity) isn't controversial. To get all temporal-spatial about it, the lost year occurred afterwards, between May 1, 1972 until April 30, 1973, when he claimed to be in Alabama.
But go read the whole page, the Beast's coverage of RNC Protest Issues is worth it for the "Sex To-Do List" and free Sharpies alone. Be sure to print out the "Shop & Shaddap" button too.

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