Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bu$h 2004 Tailgate Medicine Show rolls on... 

Your morning "leadership" moment: (approved by the Dear Leader)

BUSH: It sends the wrong message to our troops, that completing the mission may not be necessary. It sends the wrong message to the Iraqi people who wonder whether or not America means what it says. link

The "wrong message." (?) "people who wonder whether or not America means what it says." - Huh?

Christ a'mighty, who does this woodchuck think he's kidding? (don't answer that!). Listen up George "Bubble Boy" Bu$h; you aren't fooling anyone around here with your lathered rhetorical attempts to dump your own misleading misbegotten policy messages in America's lap.

So why don't you own up to the truth and admit that thanks to you and your handlers few "people" anywhere, at least anyone with a live brain stem attached to their spine, spend too much time a-wonderin' or a-misdoubting the value of the "messages" YOU and YOUR administration and it's merry band of pill poppers like to dispense.

You know who I mean. Wonderworkers such as Ahmad "Flower Power" Chalabi, the "WMD Jug Band Pentagon Playboy Allstars" Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas "Gestapo" Feith, etc..., the "Cakewalk News Network" (CNN), along with MSGOP, Judy "Mistress of INC Ceremonies Miller" and the New York Tines, the Washington PostNoObjections here pages, FoxNoozeNoise RNC Talking Points Channels, the Wall Street Journal's sophist sop-ed page, the dozy Maginot Line better known as the White House Press Corps and any other number of eager panting fourth estate Beltway fetch-a-bones.

Given those peoples history of message sending and delivery and general absense of wonderment altogether I don't think it should come as any surprise to any peoples anywhere if someone might perhaps suddenly "wonder" what "America" really means when "it" says it. And I think you George W. Bu$h and your smirking back-slappin' get rich quick Geritol bottlers in the media and government know it too.

See, it's YOU - the Bu$h administration - and YOUR circle-yank of willing liars and satraps who have perfected the fine art of wrong message managment marketing and distribution. And I think ya know exactly what I mean.

See, it's easy in this town for people to commit troops, the US troops, to combat, through opinion and the noise you hear in Washington. But there's only one person who is responsible for making that decision, and that's me,... ~ George W. Bush, interview with Barbara Walters, December 2002.


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