Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Boy in The Bubble 

Shirtsleeve Boy in the land of the free... and the home of the wuss. Apparently, Bush just can't stand to be around anyone who is less than worshipful. Why is that, anyhow? Is He afraid someone will notice He has no clothes? And then say so?


TRAVERSE CITY - Kathryn Mead wanted to see her first sitting president when George W. Bush visited the city.
Instead, Bush campaign staffers tore up the 55-year-old social studies teacher's ticket and refused her admission because she sported a small sticker on her blouse that touted the Democratic ticket of John Kerry and John Edwards.
"I had my ticket and photo identification, but they would not let me in because of this sticker," said Mead, a teacher at Traverse City West Senior High, who said she has seen Queen Elizabeth and Pope John Paul in person.
"I have never found this kind of screening anywhere in my travels around the world. I can't imagine being denied access to hearing the president of the United States speak."
Mead, who has taught for two decades, instead stood on the sidewalks with other John Kerry supporters, listening to Bush from behind a fence.
"I really, truly wanted to have the experience of having seen the president and hear him speak, which is very important to me as a social studies teacher," she said. "How can anyone in the United States deny someone entry? Isn't this a democracy?"
(via Traverse City Record Eagle)

Well, Kathryn, in a word: No.

That's the lesson of Florida 2000.

Hey, at least they didn't handcuff her and haul her off to jail!

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