Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Tonto Edging Off the Reservation 

Tonto and the Lone Ranger are out riding one day when they are suddently set upon by a large, angry war party of Apaches. Hastily taking shelter behind some rocks they shoot and shoot, but their foes are many and their bullets few.

Lone Ranger: Gosh, Tonto old friend, I guess we're not gonna make it this time.

Tonto: What you mean "we", white man?

(via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
LONDON — British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday that the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is an "anomaly" that has to end.

Blair confirmed that he had asked President Bush to free the remaining four Britons detained in the camp.

"Guantanamo Bay is an anomaly that has at some point got to be brought to an end," Blair told a committee of lawmakers.

Blair is under pressure from political opponents and many lawmakers of his own governing Labour Party to resolve the issue. Some suggest the deadlock reveals that he actually wields little influence in Washington, despite supporting Bush in the Iraq war.

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