Monday, July 26, 2004

Sweetness and Light 

As our party leaders (and delegates, and entirely undeserving bloggers such as Kos and Atrios and Billmon) gather in Boston, the word has gone forth that we are to avoid "Bush-bashing" and speak only of positive matters.

I hear and obey. I obey so thoroughly I implore all readers to seek inspiration in the words of Dear Leader his ownself, which I received in an email recently. Since the party who sent it to me also appears to have sent it to about 300 of his other closest friends, you've probably already seen these, but what the hey:

The first three years...
can the English language survive?

"The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country."
- George W. Bush

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."
- George W. Bush

"One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Governor, and that one word is 'to be prepared'."
- George W. Bush

"I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments
in the future."
- George W. Bush

"The future will be better tomorrow."
- George W. Bush

"We're going to have the best educated American people in the
- George W. Bush

"I stand by all the misstatements that I've made."
- George W. Bush

"We have a firm commitment to NATO, we are a part of NATO. We have a
firm commitment to Europe. We are a part of Europe."
- George W. Bush

"Public speaking is very easy."
- George W. Bush

"A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the
- George W. Bush

"We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur."
- George W. Bush

"For NASA, space is still a high priority."
- George W. Bush

"Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our
- George W. Bush

"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the
impurities in our air and water that are doing it."
- George W. Bush

"It's time for the human race to enter the solar system."
- George W. Bush
Feel free to print out this list and clip each Deep Thought message separately. Paste them on your bathroom mirror, edge of computer monitor, or the heinie of someone at work you dislike, that you may receive their inspirational benefits constantly.

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