Friday, July 02, 2004

Republicans and Telephones...A Troubling Trend 

Remember Lambert's catch back here the other day about the Republican consultant who thought it was a funny funny joke to jam up the Democrat's phone lines one election day in New Hampshire?

And then remember the slimy little Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee who played a funny funny joke surreptitiously reading Democratic Senators memos on judiciary appointments? (Wonder what ever happened to the Pickle Report? Must check up on that this weekend.)

Anyway, now we have a third incident of funny funny jokes with other people's telecommunications equipment. Like Incident #1 above it involves Republicans in Virginia, but this time it wasn't some "bad apple consultant" but right in the party offices themselves:
(via Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star
Virginia Democrats have pulled the state police and a federal prosecutor into their eavesdropping lawsuit against the Republican Party...

The controversy began in 2002 when the Republican Party of Virginia's top staffer secretly listened to and taped a pair of Democratic conference calls.

More than 30 former and current Democratic legislators have filed suit against the RPV, arguing it bears responsibility for its former executive director, Edmund A. Matricardi III of Spotsylvania County, who eavesdropped on the Democratic teleconferences.
Checking between Lambert's story and this one I don't see any overlap of names. And Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania County is halfway to Richmond, meaning it's just an "outer suburb" of DC these days whereas Alexandria is right on the Potomac. I'm sure it's just a case of "great minds think alike" and not an item from a 2002 strategy paper from Karl Rove's office to local officials.

However, that doesn't mean we don't want to hear about it in case YOUR local paper carries an item on this topic that may not make the Major Media Outlets. RoveGrubs are like termites: one is a random stray blown in on the wind. Two means you need to talk to your neighbors. Three means call the exterminator yourself, like yesterday.

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