Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Republican Noise / Distraction Machine kicks into high gear 

Anyone else find the Sandy Berger story a bit, um, conveniently timed -- two days before the release of the 9/11 report and the week before the Democratic National Convention?

This sounds like vintage Karl Rove to me -- assisted by his little elves in the National Archives and/or 9/11 Commission of course.

Can't you see the meme developing, boys and girls? Democrats are traitors who don't care about national security -- look at what John Kerry adviser Sandy Berger did, right? He compromised national security to cover the Clinton administration's ass, right?

Give me a break. I guess the scariest thing is that this apparently distorted-beyond-belief story comes straight out of the Republican Noise Machine -- and our press reports it just as the RNC fax they just received told them to.

Now, what about Valerie Plame, guys? Why haven't heard anything about that story in a while?

Oh. I guess the RNC hasn't sent you a fax on that one recently, huh?

UPDATE: I see that Josh Marshall agrees with me that this is a malicious leak to distract us all from the looming 9/11 report.

You can't help but wonder what's in it now, can you?

What are they trying to distract us from?

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