Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Orwell watch: "War is peace" 

Bush will only make a public appearance before the kind of crowd that will give him a standing ovation, so he doesn't risk anything with a flip-flop like this one, but will anyone else give any credence to a Bush reinventing himself as a girly-man-style, new age sensitive male? I didn't think so:
"[BUSH]No one wants to be the war president. I want to be the peace president," (via USA Today)

Translation: After November, on to Iran!

Oh, and while we're watching Bush fluff the base, here's another cute little statement:

In Iowa, Bush took a series of mostly easy questions from the audience.

One immigrant asked Bush how he could get permanent-residence status. Bush told him there are procedures he must follow and wished him good luck.

Bush added, "I hope you think it is interesting that you get to come as a person newly arrived and ask the president [sic—Ed.] a question. That's our system. It's an open system."

What's "interesting" about it? The guy was let in only after being carefully screened by Republican operatives, he was probably primed with the question, and if he'd been wearing the wrong T-Shirt, Bush would have had him dragged off and jailed. "Open"? Ha.

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