Saturday, July 31, 2004

More tongue from the tWins 

No, not Mary Kate and Ashley. Eew! The Bush twins, Babs II and Jenna (back, but not at lunchtime).

Froomkin, in a rare lapse, points us to Their new "blog" (heh) but neglects to tell us that there's no "there" there:

Sadly, the "full archives" are empty. Not that empty full-ness comes as any surprise from the "up is down" maladministration.

Maybe when the tWins discovered that blogging involves lots of work posting, finding a distinctive voice, and proving your worth to your readers, They decided to bail. Or get some operative to ghost for Them. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Say, I wonder if Their blog will enable comments? Maybe alert readers along Their itinerary could let them know where the bars (back) are? I mean, assuming they don't already know...

NOTE As a sign of my respect for The Chosen One, our Dear Leader, I always to capitalize His Name when referring to Him. Therefore, as a mark of similar respect, I capitalize Their names as well—since, if He has been Chosen of God to lead us, must They not be Chosen as well?

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