Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mailbox Outtakes 

From Judd Legum at the Center for American Progress we are informed:
"The First Family...does not snack...They are very good at respecting meal time hours and do not eat between meals...there is no snacking..." - White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier

What? That sounds down right un-American to me. Afterall, what kind of real American doesn't snack? America is snack happy. Snack snack snack. A yummy snack is America's crack. It's always been that way. As a matter of snack, I mean fact!, I just got done eating a nest of baby wrens that I discovered living in an old rusty coffee can nailed to the side of the house. I don't need some Vichy Frenchman gourmand telling me I can't snack between meals or between other snacks or during hikes in the woods at 2 am! God damn it. And I'm sure Mr. President Bush would agree with me on this.....

"President Bush fainted for a brief time Sunday in the residence of the White House while eating a pretzel and watching a professional football game on television."

See what I mean. Thats what we real Americans call extreme snacking. Although, strictly speaking, I'm not sure quaaludes are considered a "snack". However, eating a bunch of em and choking on pretzels and falling down and thrashing around like a wounded gecko while watching football games on the tv console is pretty cool especially if you happen to be fiddling around with the remote control at the time and accidentally launch a intercontinental ballistic nuclear strike on Australia or Denmark or China or where-ever. Woo-hoo!, "Dead Bug!" Hey, you there, pass the nuts.

2- The Death of Outrage
Remember when that bagman of extreme snacking Bill Bennett wrote that book about how, according to some guy named John J Miller writing over at that Amazon.com place, "The commander in chief sets the moral tone of the nation; a reckless personal life and repeated lying from the bully pulpit call[s] for a heavy sanction." Yes, well, apparently the "heavy sanction" breathing has been called off for the time being. Or something like that. At least thats the plan if you've been following the recent happy talk coming from your local tv console. I'm sure Bill Bennett is hiding under his Victorian moral compass as I write this.

Anyway, riggsveda writes in with a link to a Jonathan Chait column via The New Republic which argues that there ain't nothing wrong with, as riggsveda points out, "calling a fool a fool." I haven't yet read the TNR/Chait article myself but I plan to because I've been thinking some on the subject of vitriol and venom and all that kind of thang. I haven't decided what kind of adjustments I might make to my own manufacture and output of poisonous spew. It does actually become pretty tiresome at times, and I really get sick of listening to myself do it, but, at this point I have no intention of abandoning the spigot altogether. Not as long as there are still Rush Limbaugh's and Ann Coulters and Sean Hannity's and Tom Delay's and Rick Santorum's and on and on and on.... loosed upon the land. Maybe I'll go retrieve my copy of Bill Bennett's The Death of Outrage from the bathroom, and, if there are any pages still left in it, scan the text for whatever little left behind posies of wisdom it might contain. Heh.

3 - AP Plays RNC Foot-C with EC? Hmmm?
I had read the squirrelly Associated Press item, which I suspected amounted to so much statistical nut gathering with respect to Electoral College vote results, and was happy to discover that someone decided to dissect the thing. Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence, hosts of Democratic Talk Radio, mailed in their results and you can read all about it right here: Faulty Misleading AP Story. Definetly check it out before the morons on your tv console begin repeating the AP fantasy as if it were drilled in granite.

4- T-shirts!!!
Every body loves T-shirts. Especially if you're like me and you hardly ever wear anything that isn't made out of tent canvas. Therefore, you can buy yourself some nice soft 100% cotton T-shirts from Kerry Tshirts.net Made in the USA.

5- Fighting Words Fighting Back
This is the mailbox find finale. From "No Mind" at Fighting Words Comics. Really, turn off the tv console, fix yerself a bowl pretzels and a quaalude tonic and run off to visit FWC. And leave that remote control thing alone! "No Minds" cartoons are funny and well drawn and aren't afraid to call a fool a fool. So go visit the Archives and see for yerself. A couple of my favorites include "Bush's Conversation With God" and "The Rove Plan". There are a lot more than that on the list, so, you know what to do. Thanks for the snacks "No Mind"!

Laissez les bon ton roulette.


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