Friday, July 02, 2004

July 2, 1863 

In some circles of my life, the events of July 4, 1776 are noted as afterthoughts to the events of July 1-3, 1863.

People sling the term "culture war" around rather casually sometimes. "Civil War" is another one people (and also Robert Novak) like to use to impress others with their knowledge of history as well as the significance of whatever issue they're ranting on.

Such people piss me off. THIS is what Civil War means:

An excerpt from the diary of Sgt Thomas Ware, Co. G, 15th Georgia Infantry
July 2d, Thursday, 1863

We received orders to be ready to march at 7 O'clock. Soon we were in marching order and left for the Scene of action. Passing through Cashtown and marching one hour we came in sight of Gettysburg. Here we rested in an old field until 2 O'clock, at which time we left to Attack the Enemy. After passing through a very heavy shelling for 20 minutes we rested and then formed a line of battle .we charged the enemy, driving them from their position .
At this point the handwriting changes.
Here at the foot of the mountain the engagement became general & fierce & lasted until 8 O'clock at night. And in the third & last charge the fatal blow was struck.My brother: You have offered your life as a sacrifise upon your country's Altar.Today concludes the term of life of my Brother. He now sleeps upon the battle field of Gettysburg

There Brothers, Fathers, small & great,
Partake the same repose
There in peace the ashes mix
Of those who were once foes .

Many of our brother soldiers whose life was made a sacrifise upon our
country's altar. There the weeping willow gently waves over his grave. And there we prayed that God would guard and protect that little mound.

Robert Ware

Thomas Ware was killed in the action on July 2. His younger brother Robert took the diary from Thomas's haversack and continued the daily entries,recording his brother's death in the battle.

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