Friday, July 02, 2004

It's Friday—Are you wearing red? 

Here's a paragraph from an article in Counterpunch titled "Is our president a whack job"?[1]:

Here in the States there is now a trend of wearing red on Fridays in silent protest of the Bush junta. Reportedly, this is modeled after a 1940 practice by citizens of Nazi occupied Norway, though it is hard to imagine why oppressed Norwegians would do anything that might make them stand out to their oppressors. Still, urban legend or not, it's all over the Internet and one would suppose quite a few people on the "left-coast" are sporting red. By now, it's probably old hat out there.
(via CounterPunch)

Interesting idea. Is this "trend" an urban legend, a nascent IndyMedia meme, or are people actually doing it? Readers?

[1]Yes. See "Having a beer with a nut job", some months ago.

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