Saturday, July 10, 2004

Iraq clusterfuck: Another triumph for privatization 

Apparently, Acting President Rove hasn't directed the new Iraqi puppet government to throw those pesky reporters out. So here's a cute little story from Baghdad:

As the intense summer heat bears down on them, Iraqis are coping by swimming in the Tigris and sleeping on their roofs. But frequent power outages are testing their almost legendary endurance in the sweltering summer months.

Heat similar to that of Baghdad can be found in neighboring Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. But unlike residents of those two wealthy nations, most Iraqis don't have air-conditioned cars and homes and try to go about their business normally even on the hottest of days.

Iraqis have had a wealth of experience in coping with power outages since the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Neighbors share large power generators and, in wealthy areas, even hire technicians to run, maintain and fuel them round-the-clock. Power generating also has become a business, with some entrepreneurial Iraqis buying generators and selling the power to households.
(via AP)

Gee, sounds a lot like "two societies," doesn't it? One poor and sweltering, the other rich and pleasantly cool.

So what's your point, lambert? C'mon, out with it!

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