Thursday, July 08, 2004

Goodnight, moon 

You know, I really love that phrase, "inadvertently destroyed." Sure, it starts out applying to the suddenly and mysteriously missing microfilm that would have proved Bush wasn't a deserter (back), but it seems to apply to a lot of other things, too!

That's because it combines two key aspects of the Bush administration: (1) the clusterfuck aspect, with "destroyed", and (2) the total denial of any responsibility or accountability, with "inadvertently." Yes, I think this meme's a winner!

1. The Bill of Rights—inadvertently destroyed!

2. Jobs for millions—inadvertently destroyed!

3. Fiscal sanity—inadvertently destroyed!

4. International credibility—inadvertently destroyed!

I could go on, but... Readers? No points for working in references to goats. That's so unfair.

UPDATE I forgot, in taking rhetorical flight, to mention how glad I am that farmer has finished haying or plowing or seeding or flood control or whatever he was doing. In the immortal words of Gracie Slick: "You have heard the heavy groups. Now you will hear morning maniac music!"

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