Saturday, July 03, 2004

Good question... 

Pansypoo tipped me off to the statement below. Which she gleaned from a web comment forum, and was made, apparently, as I understand it, by someone calling into an NPR program during a discussion of electronic voting technology.

"I want to know why banks can put an ATM machine in every sleazy convenience store in the land, have them dispense money, take deposits, give you a valid receipt and do it all in 20 seconds and do it accurately and simply....... and yet when we voters ask for a simple receipt for our vote we get some crap about "It's to complicated".

Yeah, I'd like to know that too. Especially when some boiler room callbank telephone truckle, representing one or another thieving harpy credit card corporation extortion racket, can be on the horn the minute a late payment threatens to undermine the very existence of western "free market" corporate capitalism - and recall every financial transaction you've conducted since Ronald Reagan declared the savings and loan industry a unreined profligate greed grope - remind you what the name of your pet turtle was in 1983 (really, I had a turtle named Shelly!? I'd almost forgotten. Gee.) - and basically do it all from a sweaty Office Tiger bunker half way around the world. Well, ya know, one would think some cluck could at least fashion a way to verify who you voted for five fook-yerself Cheney minutes ago. One would think.

But oh no! Such a complex and expensive transaction would require mystical revelations hurled down upon us by the shiny blinking gods of high technology. Or the mining of some vast complicated wellspring of knowledge not yet tapped by modern humankind! Perhaps even undermining grave national security priorities like trying to colonize Mars with little remote control all terrain vehicles or rolling up criminal networks of twelve year old girls downloading pop ditties from shadowy undisclosed online outposts.

Plus, issuing receipts to voters would require just one more bloated government regulated social prorgam which would no doubt threaten the very existence of western "free market" capitalism as we know it. Yup. Sure it would.


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