Thursday, July 01, 2004

Good Morning Starshine 

So I get here this morning and find nothing new posted. Not even a late-night "Goodnight Moon" like usual. Has Lambert done a TANG and gone AWOL on us? Did he get hit in the head by an illicit flying skateboard in LOVE Park yesterday? Is he caught up in the Philly corruption arrests? Was there an incident of a Weapons of Mass Fireworks Program Related Activities nature?

Beats me. I've got some stuff from hither and yon I'll get up momentarily to keep the news flowing and outrage levels up. Consider this an open thread, although since Lambert's not around feel free to speculate on his current whereabouts. Just keep it clean, we don't want to go all Cheney on his ass.

UPDATE: My great sense of timing strikes again. Hiya Lambert, eh, well, sure glad yer okay, I'll just be puttering around this woodshed out back. I see some brush that needs clearing, heh heh...

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