Thursday, July 08, 2004

Cheney's doctor: What is it with Republicans and pharmaceuticals, anyhow? 

First Rush "B-i-i-i-g Pharma" Limbaugh, then Cheney's doctor. And now it turns out the Cheney knew his own doctor was using all the time:

One thing that became clear yesterday is that Cheney has known about [his doctor,] Malakoff's problems for some time. Jonathan Reiner, director of GWU's cardiac catheterization laboratory, said in an interview that Cheney "has known for years" about Malakoff's drug dependence, although he would not be specific.

"Dr. Malakoff had frank discussions with the vice president for quite a period of time about this," Reiner said. "This was not just recent news. He has kept him apprised."
(via WaPo)

Weird that Cheney's so calm about this, eh? War on drugs, and all that. And if you knew your doctor had a drug dependency, wouldn't you change your doctor?

So, why? Putting on my tinfoil hat, the only reason I can think of is that Cheney owned Malakoff. The deal is, "Say my heart's in fine shape, and I'll keep quiet about your dependency." Eh?

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