Saturday, July 31, 2004

Bush to leave the bubble in August? 

The essential Froomkin notes:

[WaPo's Allen"] "Until now, most of Bush's campaign events have been filled with his backers. His staff said that during August, he will make it a point to appear in more impromptu settings."
(via WaPo)

Well, at least citizens won't have to sign the electoral equivalent of a pre-nup (back) to get to see Bush.

On the other hand, Rove and Bush being who and what they are, I can't help but think—assuming that they're telling the truth—that they're hoping for some sort of clumsy Seattle-like demonstration to give the "Bush hating" meme new life. So if anyone breaks through the bubble, I hope they're quiet and respectful, or Billionaires for Bush, and above all telegenic for Democrats.

I don't know boxing terminology at all well, but it strikes me that Kerry has always gone for a single knockout (as with Weld, for example). This election, Bush is hiding behind his jab, and trying to bloody Kerry. But for Bush to appear in an "impromptu setting"—that would mean Bush is dropping his guard, momentarily, hoping that Kerry will.... Readers?

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