Saturday, July 03, 2004

Bush AWOL: From drip, drip, drip to splash, splash, splash.... 

From the ever-essential Orcinus, we learn that Paul Lukasiak has issued a draft for feedback on Bush's military records. Lukasiak has examined Bush's military records in extreme detail. Too bad our millionaire MWs can't do this, but then they have BMWs, mortgages, children in private schools to consider....

Anyhow, it seems that Bush's fixers, with the usual mixture of arrogance and sloppiness that a compliant "free" press enables them to have, didn't know what they were released when they released "all" (heh) Bush's military records. Lukasiak's conclusion:

There is no question that Bush understood that he was obligated to continue to serve in the Armed Forces after he quit the Texas Air National Guard. The nature and extent of these responsibilities were part of the training of every Guardsman and Reservists. Bush was a commissioned officer, and pleading ignorance of his obligation would have been (and is) simply unacceptable. Finally, Bush acknowledged that obligation on a document he signed on July 30, 1973.

The Bush documents show that Bush took none of the necessary steps to fulfill those obligations. This leaves us with only two possibilities to consider. The first is that he thought he could get away with ignoring his responsibilities. The second is that he thought he could scam his way into a “Standby Reserve” position that he was not eligible to be in.

(via The AWOL project)

And, oh yeah, it looks like the discharge record has been tampered with—tear marks, and so forth.

Pass the popcorn!

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