Saturday, July 24, 2004

Bush AWOL: The Fraudster-in-Chief pulled a fast one in Alabama 

AWOL Payroll Records Jedi Master Paul Lukasiak reviews the bidding:

An examination of George W. Bush’s payroll records leads to the conclusion that Bush consciously and deliberately defrauded the United States government for pay and “points” to which he was not entitled. The White House probably doesn’t even know that the payroll records include the data necessary to prove fraud---the proof is found in the “incomprehensible” lines of data at the bottom of the payroll records.

But an examination of the payroll records themselves within the context of the laws and policies concerning pay and credit for training shows that up to two thirds of the money and points Bush received [were] fraudulent.

This article will explain what the policies were, what the payroll records reveal, and how it was impossible for Bush to legitimately receive the credit and pay for the “training” he supposed performed. It will also explore the ways in which these payroll records interface both with other documents in the Bush files and with public statements made by individuals who were involved in this controversy, and demonstrate how there is only one conclusion to be drawn from these records.

George W. Bush committed fraud in claiming credit and pay for most of the “training” he supposedly did in his last twelve months as a member of the Air National Guard.
(via The AWOL Project)

Bush? Paid for work he never did? Who knew?

Lest this work be dismissed as "tinfoil hat"-style ravings, our attention was first drawn to Paul's work by Orcinus (here). Paul is the kind of guy who works out what the holes in the 1970s payroll punch cards mean. In short, he's the kind of investigative journalist... Sorry, you ask: What does "investigative journalist" mean? Well, back in the days when we had a free press....

Anyhow, go read it all, master and savor the detail.

UPDATE Alert reader shystee points us to this handy chart by UggaBugga.

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