Saturday, July 31, 2004

Are You a Card-Carrying Member...? 

...of the American Civil Liberties Union that is?

If so, good for you. Send 'em another double eagle and an "attaboy!" If not, read below. They just threw half a million smackers in Johnny Asscrack's fat fucking face rather than bow down before his current "enemies list."

(via ABCnewswire)
The ACLU withdrew Saturday from a program that allows federal workers and military personnel to contribute to charities because it requires participating nonprofit groups to check their employees' names against a government watch list of suspected terrorists.

The American Civil Liberties Union called the Combined Federal Campaign's policy unconstitutional and said it would reject more than $500,000 in donations from the program rather than submit to the requirement, which was instituted under the Patriot Act, said Anthony Romero, the ACLU's executive director.

Romero withdrew the ACLU from the program and said the organization plans to sue the government over the policy. The group says the watch list is filled with errors that people listed on them have no way of correcting.

"The Patriot Act and the government war on terror now threatens America's nonprofit organizations," Romero said. "We believe the new requirement violates our fundamental principles as well as the constitutional rights of our employees."

Mara Patermaster, the director of the charity program, told The New York Times in Saturday's editions that charities and nonprofit organizations that did not check their employees' names against the federal terrorist watch list could be permanently excluded from the program.

"We expect that the charities will take affirmative action to make sure they are not supporting terrorist activities," she said. "That would specifically include inspecting the lists."

"Our biggest concern is that these government watch lists are notoriously riddled with errors," Romero said. "And they allow no recourse for individuals on the list to correct those errors."

The ACLU was projected to raise about $500,000 from the program, Romero said.
They currently ask for $20 and have a good secure website to join on. If you don't want your name on a "watch list" for the remaining three months of the BushCoInc administration, send 'em a money order with no return address and pick up your card after the Rapture comes in January.

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