Wednesday, July 28, 2004

And this years Best Actor award goes to... 

"Fahrenheit 9/11" nominations: George W. Bush ~ best actor in a tragedy/comedy action adventure thriller:

IFC Films is distributing the movie with Lions Gate and they will all determine the best strategy for the upcoming Oscar campaign. But, Zap2it has learned that Moore may want to launch a campaign urging Academy voters to also consider George Bush as best actor.

Moore has said that Bush is "a great comedian" in his movie and garners a lot of laughs. The ad campaign idea could be a joke, but the Academy has issued a warning that Oscar ads should not be negative, or in bad taste. - LINK - U.Entertainment.com

I'd like to thank Uncle Dick and Paulie Jug Ears and Rummy and Condi and Colin and our great Director Ahmad Chalabi and Judith Miller and all the fabulous nooze media script writers and Pentagon embed production people at CNNMSNBC/FX studios and, uhmm, uhmm, and..... now watch this drive!


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