Monday, June 28, 2004

Iraq clusterfuck: "Sovreignty" hand-off today, two days early. WTF? 

Sounds inspiring!

The United States transferred political authority to an interim Iraqi government in a five-minute surprise ceremony on Monday morning that was conducted two days before the planned June 30 handover date because of security concerns.

The formal transfer came at a hastily arranged ceremony,, held inside the U.S.-controlled Green Zone in Baghdad. U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer handed over a blue portfolio containing a signed document conveying political authority to the chief judge of Iraq's highest court.

Several hours later, members of Iraq's new government took oaths of office, with each stepping forward to place a hand on the Koran.
(via WaPo)

The Iraqis don't seem to think much of it:

There was no noticeable celebratory gunfire, which often occurs at commemorative moments in Iraq.

I wonder how long it will take our puppet government to clamp down on press coverage?

And here's a choice piece of Bushit:

"The Iraqi people have their country back," President Bush declared in Istanbul, where he is attending the NATO summit. "We have kept our word."

Now, if only we could have our country back, eh?

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