Monday, June 28, 2004

F911: Reaction from honest Republicans 

Seems to be favorable. Maybe, just maybe, there are honest Republicans who want to cleanse their party. Let's hope!

During the screening at the Uptown Theatre, I sat next to a newspaper reporter who was raised in an activist Republican party family, whose sister worked previously for the Bush White House and who considers herself moderate. She cried through the second half of the movie, which featured graphic images of injured and killed Iraqi civilians and U.S. soldiers and focused on the U.S. military's efforts to recruit minorities and poor whites.

She and others who don't hew to Moore's hardcore lefty vision of the world gave him credit for, if nothing else, presenting an incredibly cohesive and emotionally stirring piece of work.

"There's no way people are not going to come out of this hating Bush," she said. Which, of course, is exactly what the GOP fears. Conservative opposition is not based on the belief that this is just some commie-pinko rant that'll be ignored by the masses.
(via Terry Neal in WaPo)

Except the feeling isn't, and shouldn't be, "hate". It's outrage (back).

The idea that we "hate" Bush, instead of being outraged by his actions, is one of the great, and almost unnoticed, triumphs of winger meme propagation. Let's not fall for it!

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