Saturday, May 22, 2004

"Training wheels," eh? 

This is a bike! Not a snowboard! So it isn't the same!

Right. First the pretzel, then the Segway, now the bike accident. Sensing a pattern?

A bike ride has left President Bush a bit dinged up.
The White House says Bush suffered cuts and bruises today after taking a spill while mountain biking on his Texas ranch.

A spokesman says Bush has minor abrasions and scratches on his chin, lip, nose, right hand and both knees.

His personal doctor was along for the ride and cleaned the cuts. Bush finished the last mile of his ride -- refusing a Secret Service offer to drive him home.

The spokesman says there had been a lot of rain in the area lately and that the topsoil was wet.
(via AP)


Maybe the twins got new stuff, and the dosage is different?

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