Thursday, May 27, 2004

Takedown Central 

That would be the eponymous blog of the svelte, smart, witty, i.e., the non-Dick Cheney's stooge, Roger Ailes.

Does anyone do it better than our Roger? Check out this scorching of the earth Roger accomplishes using the useless and(against all odds)increasingly repellent pile of poop known as Kausfiles, starting with the title, "Wankette."

And this lightning swift evisceration of both the hypocrisy of three rightward facing blog kingpins and the arrogance of Bill Keller's unapolegetic apology for the NYTimes fucked up coverage of the administration's propoganda offensive in the leadup to our invasion of Iraq.

And perhaps most importantly, this catch from one of those Wa Po on-line forums in which questions from the peasants are entertained by their superstar journos, and wherein both Howie Kurtz and Pumpkinhead Russert are exposed as the jerks they are by one of the peasants, important because of the use by Kurtz of the name of Al Gore.

I present these links not for your amusement, dear reader, though our Roger Ailes is always amusing, but as an exercise to prepare us for the great work we have ahead of us, which, in the nature of the peculiar structure of blogs, you may have already read about in the posts to come, before you get here. So be it.

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