Friday, May 28, 2004

Samurai Billmon 

Remember John Belushi's running character on Saturday Night Live back when it was funny the first time, the Samurai Guy? One week he was running a dry cleaners, the next time it would be some other job. It always concluded with him getting offended and whipping out his trusty katana and just whacking hell out of the object in front of him.

Billmon's got the Whiskey Bar reopened. He's got a katana of a keyboard and oh MY, is he offended. The floor of his fine drinking establishment is currently littered with the shredded, bloody, quivering remains of (just for starters) the SCLM, the "strategists" who brought us the hit sequel "Vietnam II: Apocalypse Yet to Come" and a few other of the usual suspects.
(via The Whiskey Bar)

I mean, if the mainstream media is going to, in effect, wallow in the blogosphere’s archives, and military officials – the safely retired ones, at least – are going to confess what’s been obvious for the past six months (Gen. Hoar: “I believe we are absolutely on the brink of failure. We are looking into the abyss.”) then the only value a lowly blogger like myself can add to the debate now is to try to peer a little further down the road, to see if I can guess what blindingly obvious facts the media will be wallowing in this time next year.

Notta lotta yux in this one, folks. The sample graf above is just about the happiest part of the whole thing. We here....no, strike that, *I* at least have been guilty lately of getting a little too happy watching Biker Boy and the neocons he rode in on getting their well deserved and long overdue comeuppance. While that task is not yet finished (by a long shot!) even completing their downfall will represent merely getting our leaky, battered canoe past the first set of rapids.
That white noise you hear faintly in the distance is going to get louder. Niagara lies ahead.

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