Friday, May 21, 2004

A really, really, really bad commute 

Could Terrorists Be Casing New York-Philadelphia-D.C. Rail Corridor? (via the essential Agonist).

Here's one detail I don't like at all:

[In a separate investigation], the FBI's Philadelphia field office is probing the discovery of an infrared sensor that was carefully concealed along the track bed of a Pennsylvania Southeast Transit Authority line.

The device — a commercially available wireless infrared transmitter made for home security use — was discovered, spraypainted black and tucked neatly into the trackside ballast, by a conductor. Such devices transmit a signal when something cuts across their infrared beam.

Gee. More proof that the flypaper theory is really, really working, eh? I'm sure glad we're in Iraq, because.... Because.... Because...

I take SEPTA—or, as we Philadelphians lovingly call it, SEPTIC—every day, on this very route.

It's a train not a car, it doesn't use enough oil, it's in a blue state, and it doesn't provide any nice photo ops, so Inerrant Boy doesn't give two shits about it. And I'm a Democrat and not a SIC, so He doesn't give two shits about me. Grrrr!

My only consolation is that SEPTA probably doesn't run reliably enough to trigger anything.

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