Saturday, May 22, 2004

Plame Affair: Heating up? 

Federal law requires that subpoenas to journalists is a last resort, not a first. Well, I guess we're at the last resort stage:

The special prosecutor investigating whether the Bush administration illegally disclosed a CIA operative's name to the media has subpoenaed NBC correspondent Tim Russert and a Time magazine reporter, seeking information about the leak.

Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald issued the subpoenas late yesterday, according to the media outlets. His spokesman, Randall Samborn, had no comment.
(via Newsday)

Funny how big this story was... It really did show that Bush would do anything, including outting an undercover agent to gain revenge on a whistleblower. Of course, now if we want to show that Bush will do anything, we can point to Abu Ghraib and the Special Access Program of extra-judicial assassination.

Lawlessness. That's the common thread between the Plame Affair and Abu Ghraib. It's the modus operandi of the Bush regime.

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