Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Nick Berg atrocity: Total information awareness 

Nick Berg has his own Wikipedia entry. With a page of conspiracy theories.

And he's number one in search:

"Nick Berg-related searches are so prevalent that they dwarf all other searches, including the consistent pop-culture leaders.

"Over the past week, Nick Berg searches were 24 times higher than Britney Spears (number 4), Paris Hilton (number 6), and US pop singer Clay Aiken (number 5).

Top 10 internet searches in the week ending May 15, as released by Terra Lycos internet group: 1. Nick Berg, 2. War in Iraq, 3. Muntada al-Ansar, 4. Britney Spears, 5. Clay Aiken, 6. Paris Hilton, 7. al-Qaeda, 8. Kazaa, 9. Al Jazeera, 10. Survivor.
(via The Age)

Tell me it's not a great country...

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