Thursday, May 20, 2004

Mr. Information Always Answers Questions 

Not! So Inerrant Boy goes to the Hill to throw the troops some red meat:

At a closed-door meeting described by some as a pep rally, Bush vowed to "stay the course" and do what is right for America, prompting lawmakers to shower him with ovations, Republicans said afterward.

"The overall thing he accomplished was it's clear to everybody in the room this guy is leading," said Rep. John Boehner, an Ohio Republican.

Bush took no questions from lawmakers.

(via Reuters)

Heh. Bush sure is addicted to ovations (back) Remember when He wouldn't speak before the European Parliament unless they guaranteed Him a standing one? An ovation, I mean. The European Parliament turned down the demand, but the House Republicans? No problem, sir!

Isn't it weird? I truly don't understand the Republican notion of leadership. How can taking no questions from the guys on your own side be seen as strong leadership?

Oh, wait. Now I understand. There must be no need for questions, since that would imply a lack of faith, and that would imply that Inerrant Boy was not The Leader. Phew! Now I feel better.

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