Saturday, May 01, 2004

Iraq occupation: Torture photos in the New Yorker 


Thanks to Seymour Hersh. (No thanks to the SCLM, Pravda on the Potomac, or Isvestia on the Hudson.)

Worse, this is news only to us. The investigation took place early this year, and the events last year.

Say, I wonder if the tortured Iraqis, you know, told anyone? And perhaps that might account for some amount of Iraqi bitterness? Perhaps even a degree of mistrust of the CPA? "Worse than a crime, a blunder." (Talleyrand).

I don't know which is worse, the torture itself or the what? The stupidity? The imperviousness? the evil that made it possible.

Eesh. Our own soldiers (male and female, by the way). And taking photos, imagine! Showing the same sense of impunity that torturerers show the world over. And you know they only photographed what was, by their standards, mild.


Not in my name!

NOTE The essential Juan Cole covers the reaction to all this in the Arab world. It's bad, folks.

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